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Book memories: THE GLORY HOLE MURDERS - Jeffrey Hitchin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jeffrey Hitchin

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Book memories: THE GLORY HOLE MURDERS [Apr. 24th, 2015|02:54 pm]
Jeffrey Hitchin
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I was reminded yesterday of a book entitled The Glory Hole Murders that came out in the mid 80's by a woman named Tony Fennelly about a man found dead in a tea room stall. The method of murder was extremely violent and described in extreme detail. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

At the time I was working afternoons at Grounds for Murder bookstore in San Diego. There was this older lady who came in regularly and was always looking for what was "new" and "happening" in crime fiction and so she picked up this particular book (against our recommendations) and then later came back saying how traumatic it was and how she needed counseling afterwards. I told her to not read any James Ellroy or Andrew Vacchs, then.

This lady was an odd duck, that's for sure. Once she asked if I was a virgin and I said yes. Each time she came in she wanted to know if I'd lost it. One summer when I was home from school she asked again and I said, "That depends. Are we talking women, men, or animals?" She laughed her ass off and never asked me again.