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Go about your crafting, I got this - Jeffrey Hitchin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jeffrey Hitchin

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Go about your crafting, I got this [Mar. 26th, 2016|10:22 pm]
Jeffrey Hitchin
Tonight I was just farting around Bellevue and ended up at the Michael's in Crossroads. I was looking at some paper stuff when I heard from the next aisle a woman asking multiple questions about colored pencils. The guy who had unlocked the pencil vault to get a Prismacolor 12 color was apologizing that he really didn't know a whole lot about colored pencils.

"Oh, shoot. I really don't know if this is what she wants..."

Okay, this looked like an intervention was needed. I stepped around the endcap and said, "I use colored pencils quite often; perhaps I could help?" The clerk nodded, told her how to get a 40% off coupon on her cell phone and then I explained what a colored pencil is, what the differences were between the different brands and talked about sharpening and how not to put pressure on the tip when sharpened, etc.  Probably more information than she needed, but she at least knew she was getting a good set of pencils at a decent price (presuming she used the coupon).

I went about my business and a minute later, the woman had tracked me down and said, "I'm really sorry to interrupt your shopping, but what about erasers?"

All in all, it felt good to have been useful, if only for a few minutes.